Houston's Romantic Couples​​

Meet some of Houston's best romantic couples who are staying in love and keeping the community strong
  1. Segun & Mary
    February 11th marked their 20 years of marriage that produced 5 handsome boys. They have lived in Houston area for more than 20 yeats supporting the community by providing employment opportunity through their SUBWAY Eatery.
  2. Declan, Ify, Houston, SACBA, awards,
    Declan & Ify
    He is a professor and she is a Medical Director, and they both live in Houston. They got married in March 2001 and have 3 children. Like other great couples, they belong to professional organizations and social clubs promoting humanitarian causes.
  3. Ike & Hope
    He is a legal practitioner and the wife is the Deputy Asst. Director/CFO at the Houston Public Library. Easygoing, fun loving Waobikezes' have lived in Houston since 1987. They are married with 4 children
  4. Eze Obichuku, Eze Emeka, SACBA, Ugo-Eze, Chinyere Greater Owerri
    Eze & Ugo-Eze
    HRH Emeka & HRH. Ugo-Eze Chinyere of Greater Owerri community have been married for more than 40 years and blessed with 5 children. They are indeed shinning stars of the Nigerian community always supporting charities & social causes.
  5. Charles, Victoria, Metu, SACBA, Awards Owerri, Houston
    Charles & Victoria
    They got married in 1979 and are one of the most intimate couples in Houston area. The Metus are professional Pharmacists and are well respected within both the social and business circles in Houston.
  6. Andy, Uduak, Akwa Ibom, Houston, SACBA, Awards
    Andy & Uduak
    Prince is an IT suport specialist and President of Akwa-Ibom State Asso, Houston, Chapter & Vice President of Gold Club International of Houston, while Princess Uduak is a trained Nurse. They have lived in Houston since 1999 and have 3 children
  7. Abayomi & Yinka
  8. Rowland & Blessing
  9. Austin & Jennifer
  10. Allwell & Nkechi
  11. Simon & Felicia
  12. Sunny & Vivian
  13. Kunle & Ronke
  14. Mark & Eva
  15. Adebisi & Bunmi
  16. Paschal & Bertha
  17. Chudi & CeeCee
  18. Victor & Beatrice
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